Our family has been in the dry cleaning business for 39 years. We have seen many changes in this industry and are pleased and excited to offer our customers a natural alternative to dry cleaning.

Locally owned & operated

Natural Clean Cleaners is 100% dedicated green cleaner in Sonoma County, listed by the Urban & Environment Policy Institute. For more information, please visit: http://stpp.ucla.edu/greenCleaners

100% Natural Ingredients

Our soaps are made of citrus, soy and fruit-based cleaning agents.  We operate our own Cleaners: with pickup and delivery service directly from you to us -- no middle man!

 2nd location in Oliver's shopping center

9240 Old Redwood Hwy WINDSOR, CA 707-433-3872

Greener Cleaner

Chemical-Free Dry Cleaning

Our cleaning agent is completely non-toxic, biodegradable, solvent-free and chlorine-free. To prove it, we'd even drink it! Can our competitors say that?