Your order is returned to you packaged and ready to wear, three days later. No more last minute rushes to the cleaners before closing time. Save time and No hassles!

So How Does It Work?

Never Make Another Trip To The Cleaners

Pickup & Delivery

Fast, Pick-up & Delivery, serving our local area.
Let us do the work. We’ll come to your home or office to pick up and return your personal dry cleaning and shirts. The service is fast and it's easy!
Signup on our registration form or give us a call: 707-433-3872.

At no extra charge, we attach to your order a detailed invoice and charge receipt. This means no interruptions to you at work.

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We Bill Your Credit Card

$10 Off Your First Order

Sign-up for our Pick up & Delivery Service and we'll take $10 Off your First order.
(min. order $25)

Don't worry. No obligation. No commitment

We give you an Express Bag with your personal I.D. tag and message pouch for your outgoing dry cleaning.  You take it to work or leave on your porch on a designated spot. On your assigned days we'll pick up automatically. 

Fast, Pick-up & Delivery

We Handle With Care And Rush Back