Something not fitting just right? Take advantage of our on-site seamstress. Elena has over 23 years experience and can help your clothes fit exactly the way you want and get more life out of your wardrobe. Do you have a tear, broken zipper, or missing button? She can fix that too!

Alterations & Custom Tailoring

The best care for stuff you don't wear.  Bed linens, comforters, curtains, duvets, and rugs are such a hassle to clean yourself. Let us do all the "dirty work." All your household items are carefully inspected and cleaned.

Household Items

Services & Pricing

Price List

Pants / Slacks - $9.25
Necktie - $8.95
Skirt - $8.95
Suit Jacket -$15.45
Suit (2-pc) - $24.70
Shirt / Blouse - $8.95
Sweater - $8.95
Dress - $19.95

Dry Cleaning

 Shirt & Laundry

Professionally Cleaned

Plain Shirt $3.95
Folded Shirt $7.95

         ​ Laundry

* Certain fabrics or special cleaning & finishing requirements may result in additional charges.

Our superior process uses detergents that keep colors bright and have better whitening power. Choose your level of starch for either a soft or crisp finish. We follow your preferences and check and replace buttons. 

Cleaning garments and other specialty items made from leather and suede require special care. Our experts will provide proper care to protect and extend the life of the garment.